Wrongful Death


After the death of your loved one, the last thing on your mind is filing a lawsuit. Naturally, you are grieving and focusing on your loss, your family and your future. But when a family member’s death was caused by someone else’s negligence or misconduct, then you have a right to seek justice by holding the negligent party accountable.

Ainbinder & Pratt understands what you’re going through and will fight the legal battle for you. We work tirelessly to ensure the negligent party pays damages for your loss. We know money can never replace your loved one, and it’s difficult to discuss monetary compensation during such a sensitive time, but allow Ainbinder & Pratt to be your advocate and we will pursue damages to protect your family’s financial security.


To recover damages in a wrongful death action, there are several elements we have to prove:

  • A person, entity or corporation acted negligently.
  • Your loved one was injured as a result of the negligence.
  • Your loved one died of her or his injuries.
  • You suffered damages as a result of your loved one’s death.

Most wrongful death cases settle outside of court, which can spare your family the stress and ordeal associated with a trial. However, if it’s in your best interest to litigate the case in court, we will provide tenacious advocacy and try your case.


Spouses, domestic partners or children of the deceased can bring a wrongful death action. If none of these people exists, others such as parents and siblings can pursue a claim. Also, financial dependents, may additionally file a wrongful death lawsuit.


Wrongful death claims involve economic and noneconomic damages for your loss. Economic damages are the financial losses the death has caused your family. Noneconomic damages represent the emotional costs of losing someone you love. The types and amounts of damages depend upon the specific facts of the case, but may include:

  • Funeral and burial expenses
  • Medical bills, if any, related to your loved one’s injury
  • Lost wages since the time of the accident
  • Income that your loved one would have made in the future
  • Loss of household services, such as childcare, accounting, household duties and security
  • Loss of love, friendship, guidance, affection, support and advice
  • Your pain and suffering

We understand how difficult it may be to consider taking legal action at such an emotionally trying time, but we will do the hard work for you to get you compensation for your loss.


The Law Offices of Ainbinder & Pratt offers experienced and aggressive advocacy along with compassionate support for families in wrongful death actions. For a free no obligation consultation, call us at (562) 498-4600 or contact us online HERE or send us a text message HERE.


We will handle your wrongful death claim on a contingent fee basis which means you pay nothing upfront and we only get paid if we win. So there is no risk to you. Call today and let our attorneys guide you through the process.


  • Laura Boada Avatar

    As my attorney, Colleen Pratt was very proactive in protecting my rights and in providing quick and reliable feedback and answers to my questions. Additionally Ms. Pratt displayed excellent negotiation skills in settling my case. I highly recommend her to others based on my experience as a client. Her office staff is the best! They know their clients and have excellent communication skills and everything was done in a timely manner and very thorough. It helps when you are going through a difficult situation. They are a great team and you would be very fortunate to have them represent you!

    Laura Boada 8/18/2017
  • Isaac Sheppard Avatar

    I absolutely love this firm. I never actually met them in person, and that is what makes my opinion of them even higher. They took care of me through my on the job injury, torn shoulder, twice with the company. They were attentive, and didn't push me into any decision without covering all the options out there for a financial recovery. They worked with the company I worked for, and everything ended peacefully and without problem. My settlement was more than fare, my shoulder got repaired, and would totally call upon them again! I recently had a back injury on... read more

    Isaac Sheppard 10/01/2017
  • Daniel Duran Avatar

    Josh & staff kept me updated on the progress of our case. Josh was informative and easy to talk with. Would highly recommend to family & friends. Thank you for your support.

    Daniel Duran 9/27/2017
  • jennifer pena Avatar

    These lawyers really care. They where able to settle my case after I went through it alone for so many year, I wish I would have found them sooner. I recommend using them.

    jennifer pena 9/14/2017
  • aja tate Avatar

    They are the best! I have never been thru any kind if lawsuit before and they made this easy and and as painless as possible. Malia was great at answering all my questions as well as Ana and Josh was a great attorney! Would recommend them to family and friends...Thanks so much guys!

    aja tate 8/03/2017
  • Mark Ehwa Avatar

    I am writing this review to inform the public of the outstanding service and experience I received from this law firm Ainbindet&Pratt.

    After taking me on as a client in 2013 they helped me arrive at a quick positive result to a not so positive situation.

    Four years later in 2017 I received a follow-up phone call from Anna at the law firm to make sure that I was aware of some opportunities that I had not taken advantage of...I was not aware at the time of...
    read more

    Mark Ehwa 10/11/2017
  • Shanyn Lim Avatar

    I came to this company knowing absolutely nothing. My experience with this company has been absolutely amazing. I would definitely recommend it to friends and family! They have a very welcoming environment and they don't discriminate with whatever you're dealing with. Nick has helped with my case. The team has been wonderful! This is definitely a process but rest assured Nick is behind the scene working his magic! Nick, if you're reading this, thank you so much! I can't emphasize it enough.

    Shanyn Lim 10/20/2017
  • Cindy Beaver Avatar

    I was very happy with the Service I received. Someone was always there to answer my questions or get back to me the next day. I never had to travel to them- we handled everything through fax and computer. A friend recommended them to me and I would recommend them to others.

    Cindy Beaver 10/20/2017
  • Lea Arrison Avatar

    Ainbinder and Pratt have been the best. They are truly out for their client's best interest. It's been two years and they are still treating me with the utmost respect and looking out for me. Everyone here I've ever spoken to has been patient, understanding, helpful and professional. I highly recommend them.

    Lea Arrison 10/25/2017
  • Vanessa Williams Avatar

    I started off with the law firm of Mendoza in Long Beach and they did a horrible horrible job. After they wanted me to lie to continue my claim and I rejected telling lies, they decided to drop me. I was lost and stuck and didn’t know what to do and I ran across this law firm . Oh my God! They were wonderful from day one! They were so caring and wanted to help! They settled my case And got me more than I thought would be possible. Thank you so much! If you’re looking for a law firm... read more

    Vanessa Williams 11/30/2017
  • Jodi Anderson Avatar

    I was pleased with the settlement stages and quickness that they took care of my needs. They knew I was in a bind and the attorney helping me was very responsive and actually gave me an after hours number to call him at for questions. They still continue to work with me on outstanding bills and I really appreciate their service. The honesty, integrity and the nice response time was wonderful! I would recommend this attorney's office to those looking for an attorney. I live several hours away and I never had to appear in court, even when the case... read more

    Jodi Anderson 12/01/2017
  • Ozzy _P Avatar

    I can’t tell you how great my experience at Ainbinder and Pratt was. From the first moment I entered the office I was professional greated by a very friendly staff. There attorneys are very efficient and professional. I couldn’t feel better with the way they handled my case. Worker’s Comp. is a very long process which luckily they made very pleasant for me and my family. The medical staff they referred me to was excellent and gave me the best medical quality I could get. So please don’t hesitate in retaining this office because they will exceed all your expectations.

    Ozzy _P 12/27/2017
  • Barbara Huyck Avatar

    I could not ask for better service, I was helping from being to the end. Everything was explained to me . my concerts where answered in s timely manner. Best Law officer Ainbinder and Pratt highly recommended them. Call them there top notch when it comes to the law.

    Barbara Huyck 1/17/2018
  • Claire Andrew Avatar

    The whole staff at Ainbinder & Pratt are helpful and courteous and respond to questions, with detailed information, quickly. I have been a client since 2014 and both Coleen and Ana have resolved my case issues and the results where better than I could have hoped! Thanks for all your help and I will definitely send family and friends your way!!!

    Claire Andrew 1/25/2018
  • Handmade Makers' Market Avatar

    After twelve years of trying to bring my Workman's Comp issues to an end a friend recommended Ainbinder and Pratt. Within a few months my case was closed and I received a settlement. They were kind, helpful and professional. Above all I felt at all times that my best interests were paramount. I would recommend them to my friends and family.

    Handmade Makers' Market 1/31/2018
  • Vanessa W. Avatar

    5 star rating I started off with the law firm of Mendoza in Long Beach and they did a horrible horrible job. After they wanted me to lie to continue my claim and when I rejected telling lies, they decided to drop me. I was lost and stuck and didn't know what to do. I looked for months to find someone who would take my case and a lot of law firms wouldn't because they knew they wouldn't get the entire portion of the money. Finally I found this law firm and OMG!!!! They were wonderful! They took my case right away and... read more

    Vanessa W. 11/29/2017
  • Dave R. Avatar

    5 star rating If you are on worker's compensation please go to Ainbinder & Pratt, you'll be doing yourself a huge favor. I've been dealing with worker's comp for 4 years and I know I couldn't get the results with the awesome team of attorney Josh Herrer, Maliah & Naja. If you go to them with a little common sense that you are not there to win the lottery but get the help you really need, you will be more than satisfied. I finally got the back surgery I desperately needed and received a fair settlement. Worker's compensation is an evil system that... read more

    Dave R. 9/27/2017
  • Paola C. Avatar

    5 star rating Beyond grateful for Ms.Pratt and her team for all they have done for me. After being in a accident at work Ms.Pratt took great measures to ensure that my health was taken care of, all while procuring a maximum settlement. Their  professionalism and dedication to their clients  is unsurpassable. I was in good hands through the entire process. Highly recommend .Thank you for everything. My gratitude is immeasurable !

    Paola C. 8/10/2017
  • Jose O. Avatar

    5 star rating Would strongly recommend to my friends and family. Ms.Pratt handled my workers compensation claim in a quickly matter and was so knowledgeable on the case. She was very detail oriented and was always one step in front of me. She gave me great advice and explained all of my options very thoroughly. I am very satisfied with the service I received  was quick and efficient in assisting me with my legal matter and I feel very fortunate to have her assistance in bringing a positive resolution to my case. She's easy to talk to and always responded to my calls,... read more

    Jose O. 8/09/2017
  • Shanyn L. Avatar

    5 star rating I came to this law firm knowing nothing. Once I entered their building the team were very welcoming! Keep in mind you need to have patience but rest assured you're in good hands! Nick is behind the scene working his magic! He has taken my case and I'm very glad to have met him! Nick, thank you so much for working on my case even though I was unresponsive at times. He has been on my side and fighting for me. He was able to win a very nice settlement. Nick, you're awesome! I would recommend him to everyone!!!

    Shanyn L. 7/30/2017

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