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Landlord Liability for Tenant Injuries

Most landlords try to make their rental properties as attractive to new tenants as possible. After all, they want to be able to charge the highest rents and attract the best tenants possible. Obviously, this includes making the property as safe as possible. But...

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Are You Liable for Your Child’s Car Accident?

It might be the last thing you're thinking about if you hear your child has been in a car accident. But it might be the first thing you think about once you hear they're okay. Handing over the car keys to your children can be an anxiety-inducing moment, and if they...

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The California Division of Workers’ Compensation has jumped the gun in posting proposed changes to the California workers’ compensation Medical-Legal Fee Schedule. As this blog is being written, a multitude of physicians and stakeholder groups have participated in a...

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Can You Get Kicked Off a Plane for Being ‘Pungent’?

Flying has become less and less of a pleasant experience. But what usually makes the biggest difference between a tolerable experience and one that causes you to question your faith in humanity, is the other humans on board. Some are delightful, but others have a...

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Woman Injured in Uber Crash Sues Driver, Uber

Uber has made huge advances in the peer-to-peer driving industry. Between ridesharing, food delivery, and their progress with regard to autonomous cars, the company is worth billions. But despite all that, Uber has recently been caught up in a hearty slate of lawsuits...

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Dynamex, a recent decision from the California Supreme Court, has caused quite a bit of buzz in legal and business circles. Many believe that Dynamex (see link to the case at bottom of this post) will have vast implications for various gig economy companies....

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Who’s Liable in a Company Carpool Accident?

Ridesharing has become so common in our daily lives that employers are getting in on the act as well. Company carpool incentive programs have been popping up more and more, including apps to match employees who live nearby to find the most efficient rides. But any new...

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