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Family Sues Mexico Resort for Daughter’s Drowning

A family vacation in Mexico turned deadly for one Wisconsin family, and they've filed a wrongful death lawsuit in a Florida civil court to not only uncover the truth of that fateful day, but also to recover costs and damages. Though none of this will bring back their...

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Can a Dating Site Be Sued If Your Date Turns Dangerous?

It's hard to meet people these days, which is undoubtedly why there are so many dating apps currently on the market. But what if something goes wrong, like really wrong. Can you sue a dating app or website if your date turns out to be dangerous? Unfortunately, the...

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Lawsuit: Police Searched Wrong House, Cause $9K Damage

We've all heard stories of mistaken identity, but this is the case of a house's mistaken identity. One family is suing the police department for searching the wrong residence described in a search warrant. Right Suspect, Wrong HouseLast November, a young boy was shot...

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Walgreens, CVS Sued for Opioid Sales in Florida

Florida added Walgreens and CVS to the lawsuit it filed last spring against Purdue Pharma and several opioid distributors. Attorney General Pam Bondi claims these chains played a major role in creating the opioid crisis that has rocked not only Florida, but most of...

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Woman Blinded by Unproven Stem Cell Procedure, Lawsuit Claims

All the damage relief in the world won't bring back Doris Tyler's eyesight. Tyler became blind after undergoing a stem cell procedure for Macular Degeneration (MD), a disease that affects about 10 million Americans. Though her vision was fading, she could still...

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Is ICE Liable for Detention Center Sexual Assault?

According to recent investigation into sexual abuse in immigration detention, 1,448 allegations of sexual abuse have been filed against Immigration and Customs Enforcement over the past six years, with 237 allegations of sexual abuse in immigration detention...

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Microblading — Hot Trend With Burning Effects

Microblading is one of the hottest trends in the beauty industry, but one woman could barely stand the heat. After her microblading artist botched one of her eyebrows, she attempted to have the error removed, only to exclaim, "it felt like my skin was melting off."...

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