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Which Cities, States Have the Most Distracted Drivers?

We all know distracted driving is a problem. Many of us are using "do not disturb" functions that can mute alerts when we're on the road. Even if we're not willing to completely give up our smart phones and watches while behind the wheel, we know that hands-free...

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Bars Sued After Deadly Car Crash: What Is Dram Shop Liability?

Joey Lee Bailey drank at least two 22-ounce beers and three double White Russians at Roosters Wings in Georgetown, Kentucky last January. He then drank at least one more beer and four more double White Russians at Horseshoes Kentucky Grill & Saloon in Lexington that...

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Airline Sexual Assault on the Rise?

They're not stories you hear often, but when you do, they sound horrific. JetBlue is being sued by two flight attendants who claim two pilots drugged both and raped one during a layover. The women claim the airline did nothing when they reported the assault and are...

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U.S. Victim’s Family Sues Boeing for Ethiopian Plane Crash

The family of an American passenger on board the recent Boeing 737 Max passenger plane that crashed last month in Ethiopia has filed a lawsuit against the plane's manufacturer. The lawsuit alleges that Boeing was negligent on many different fronts, put profits ahead...

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The Center for Investigative Reporting recently published another revealing story on questionable workers’ comp claims handling at the Tesla factory in Fremont, California. This April 2019 piece (see link below), by investigative journalist Will Evans, focuses on a...

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After the 2012 reforms most of the attention went to IMR and the huge volume of UR disputes that wound up on the doorstep of Maximus, the DWC’s IMR provider. IBR, on the other hand, has gotten almost no attention. One would have thought that there was little friction...

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Most of California’s major newspapers have covered the controversy surrounding former DIR head Christine Baker and the report of the California State Auditor which I outlined in my last post (see some links to the newspaper coverage below). According to a LA Times...

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