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Can You Sue If Your Medical Device Is Hacked?

Once our medical devices became "smart," or even just dependent on embedded computer or radio components for communication, the possibility of hacking those devices became a reality. While much of the focus has been on hacking pacemakers, doctors writing in the...

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Eight California workers’ comp rate cuts since 2015 is a stunning figure. Yet, that’s what is on tap if a August 2018 WCIRB Governing Committee recommendation ends up being adopted by California’s Insurance Commissioner. While this would be advisory only, and does not...

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SoCalGas Settles Largest Gas Leak in U.S. History for $119.5M

For three months in 2015 and 2016, 109,000 metric tons of methane spewed into the atmosphere over the Aliso Canyon north of Los Angeles. Thousands were evacuated from the Porter Ranch suburb. California declared a state of emergency. The state charged the Southern...

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McDonald’s Drinks Spiked With Opioids and Cleaning Products

If one were to pay attention to such things, they would know that drinking Coca-Cola (or any high-fructose corn syrup soda for that matter) is not good for you, even under the best of circumstances. And we're not sure if you've heard, but McDonald's doesn't have the...

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July and August are often sleepy months in the California workers’ comp world. Workerscompzone has been napping. But not this week. Yesterday Governor Brown’s office announced that he has filled one of the long-vacant slots on the WCAB by appointing Katherine Williams...

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National Campfire Day: Camping and Wildfire Injury Roundup

Some of us celebrate campfires every day. For the rest of us that live a little further from the wilderness, we might need an annual reminder or excuse to get out, gather around a fire under the stars, and share our best scary stories. That's what this Saturday's...

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Can Family Sue After Bridge Suicide?

Lael Feldman, a singer who performed under the name Lael Summer, leapt to her death from New York City's George Washington Bridge last August. In September, the Port Authority of New York began installing the suicide barriers on the bridge. But those measures...

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Nail Salon Injury May Require Finger Amputation, Woman Claims

Many are willing to pay a high price for beauty. But a finger? That's too high. Maria Luisa Gerardo visited TJ Nails in Phoenix, AZ to get her nails done, which she has done regularly for the past decade. But at her last appointment, the technician nicked her finger...

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