Are California peace officers covered for injuries incurred while responding to crimes or assisting victims while they are off duty and out of state? That is now a big issue in light of the mass injuries in Las Vegas. According to news reports, there may have been...


A lot of the WCAB panel decisions that come along seem like small-ball stuff. But every once in a while there are big-deal issues. So it is with a July 10, 2017 WCAB panel decision, Kyle Pike v. County of San Diego (ADJ 7811907) (see text of the case at the end of...


 CHSWC will be receiving an October 2017 report on the workers’ comp QME system. The report, to be delivered to the commission at its October 19 meeting in Oakland, is authored by Frank Neuhauser of UC Berkeley and has been posted online on the CHSWC. The CHSWC site...


Governor Brown has signed SB 306, an anti-retaliation bill supported by many labor advocates. While not a bill directly pertaining to workers’ comp claims, SB 306 has the potential to be very helpful to workers who have difficulty with their employers and want to file...


Governor Brown has now promoted WCAB Commissioner Katherine Zalewski to the slot of Chair of the California Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board. The slot of WCAB Chairperson has been open for over a year following the departure of Ronnie Caplane. Frankly, it was...

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